Case study 1


Case Study - Investing and making 10% on your cash!

Sometimes our customers aren't in a position to buy a property, it could be because they are having a baby, switching jobs or just not ready for the step of investing and owning a full development project, and that's ok! 

The case study below discusses how you can invest your current cash savings and make a 10% return. 

The Couple

Chris and Georgia had recently fallen pregnant with their second child, and were not looking to take the leap into owning a property development but still had interest in investing in Property. Chris and Georgia both work full time, however with having their second child they were uncomfortable taking on a property loan. They had $60,000 of available savings to invest. 

The Project

LJM had sourced a development site. This smaller site, was purchased with the view of placing a new house on the site, to sell within 10-12 months of the site purchase. 

The Structure

Since Chris and Georgia weren't able to commit to a whole development, LJM Property connected their $60k investment with the extra funds required for a property project. LJM Property purchased the site and proceeded with the development while offering Chris and Georgia a 10% guarantee return on the $60k investment upon the sale and settlement of the new dwelling. 

This specific project only took 8 months, to complete, 4 weeks to sell and 4 weeks to settle, meaning Chris and Georgia made their 10% return in just under 10 months of investing! 

Both LJM  and the investors were happy with the timing and the overall result of this project. Since then Chris and Georgia have again offered to invest their now $66k investment into a new project with the same guaranteed return from LJM. 

Case study 2


Case Study - 4.5% return with minimal Cash down!

The case was simple, the couple didn't have much deposit to build an investment property but wanted to get into the market and start making money! 

The Couple

Matt and Andrea are newly weds who are both working full-time and have good paying jobs, but limited money saved due to the costs of a wedding, honeymoon, new car....smashed avo! 

Display real testimonials

LJM went out to find a project that would work within their borrowing capacity. Specifically a site that would have a 10-12 month turn around from out of the ground to sold in the open market. 

How'd they get the money to do a project?

LJM funded the cash component for the development (typically 20% of the cost of the development), while the couple gained the 80% for the bank lending, and used their cash to pay the mortgage repayments, staging, and outgoings during the process of the development 

End Result

Matt and Andrea sold the project, claimed the 4.5% return on the cost of the project, and banked that money to get ready for another development! 

Where they happy?

Ecstatic customer, and they are now stuck into their next development with LJM! 

case study 3


Make 30% on your cash investment

This one is a phone conversation. Contact us and we can tell you how we go about getting you a 30% return on your cash in a project. 

Who are we looking for?

Individuals or couples with good incomes, solid savings and willing to fund a full project. 

Does this really happen?

We can refer you to customers who have had great success with us and are happy to chat further on the process and why they are so happy. Currently we have a 100% return of customers for future projects!