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LJM work on finding unique, customer centric investment opportunities in property. Our focus is to join you on the property journey! Our vast experience in property investing, and extensive market knowledge, we'll help design a property investment solution to suit your goals and personal situation.


Elite Investment Project Management

LJM is different to your standard property investment advisors, we go the extra mile! Our property investment strategies look at unique short and long term opportunities which could involve development management, project management, property management and sale management. Fortunately we cover all of these aspects to help make our strategies as low maintenance and hassle free as possible. 


The 30% Club

From time to time, we find project opportunities that offer high value investors a chance to make a 30% return on your cash investment. The investors who qualify for these, are part of our 30% club. There is special criteria to be part of this club, and a scarce number of these opportunities come up per year. 

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